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Failing to prepare

Preparing Your Home To Sell

Photography & Videography is the most important part of marketing a home

It sounds simple enough but what should we do so that the home shows the best to potential buyers.  Here is a list of things to consider and worth doing.

  1. Disassociate yourself with your home.  Treat it like a product to sell, it’s not my home, it is a house.  Make the mental decision to let go of your emotions and focus on the fact that soon this house will not be yours.  Time to say good bye don’t look backwards—look forward to the future.
  2. Pack up the personal stuff, family photo’s as buyers have a difficult time looking past this because it distracts them from the rooms.  You want buyers to say “I can image myself living here.
  3. De-clutter, get rid of the junk. If you don’t need it donate it, or have a garage sale.  Clean off the kitchen counter tops.  Think of the process as a head start on packing.
  4. Organize the kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets. Any place you store things organize.  Potential buyers look into every corner of the property.
  5. Rent a storage unit. Every home shows better with less furniture.  Store your books then store your book shelves.  Leave just enough furniture to showcase the room’s purpose.  Leave plenty of room to move around.  Remember “what is this room used for”.
  6. Any fixtures you want it might be a good idea to remove and store them. Buyers if they don’t see them they won’t ask for them.
  7. Make the minor repairs, replace cracked floor tiles, patch holes in walls, fix leaky faucets, and fix doors that don’t close properly, paint walls in a neutral color. Don’t give buyers a reason to remember the house with the orange bathroom.  Replace the burned out lightbulbs.  Consider replacing that worn out bedspread.
  8. Make the house sparkle, wash windows and screens inside and out. Wash down the outside maybe use a power washer.  Get rid of the cobwebs, re-caulk tubs, sinks, showers, polish the chrome faucets and mirror, clean out the refrigerator which normally stays, bleach the grout, replace worn rugs, hang up fresh towels, clean out musty smelling areas.  Odors are a no-no.  Don’t cook bacon or fish the day of the open house or showing.  Bake something yummy that smells good.  Not a baker no problem use a scented candle.  Bottom line, clean, clean, clean.  First impressions are critical.  The front entrance must be free of footwear, and hanging coats. 
  9. Scrutinize the property, go outside and stand there. Ask yourself do you want to go inside? Does the home welcome you?  Linger in every doorway, imagine how it looks to a buyer.  Examine the furniture layout, rearrange to make sense.  Make sure the window coverings all look the way they are supposed to look.
  10. The curb appeal, make it look inviting to want to go in and look. Pride of ownership makes a house look good.  You can tell if the owners have enjoyed the property.  Keep sidewalks clear, mow the lawn, paint faded trim, add some flowers, trim the bushes, and make sure the house numbers are readable.
  11. The bathrooms make like a spa. On a budget no problem because $50. Will get you some matching towels and face cloths.  Tie a little ribbon around the face cloths.  Add a scented candle.  Replace the floor bath mat.  And above all close the toilet. 

Bottom-line is you don’t want to distract buyers from wanting to buy your property.  As you get it ready remember to think like a buyer.  When you prepare your home you are getting its marketability ready to compete against all the other listings at this price point.  You’re not the only people selling their home.  You would like to get top dollar so with preparation you can. 

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